Company Profile

    BMK Co.,LTD. was officially established on June 13, 1988. The head office located at 320/2 Soi Ladprao 87, Ladprao Road, Klongchaokhunsing, Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310. To carry out business operations in various fields such as distribution, installation, PABX, Door Control System, Lightning Rod System, Cost Calculation System

    Subsequently, Our Company has been expanded. In addition, various policy have changed in the direction for the better. therefore decided to register The company's name was changed again by the Board of Directors to use the new name as BMK CCTV Co., Ltd. on September 22, 2008 with registered capital of 25,000,000 baht.

     Our company is an importer and distributor of security systems, with various equipment comprehensive from abroad under the trademark  which is the only one in Thailand. Including consulting , Designed CCTV diagram for installation, ICT projects and general project. Our main products are CCTV systems and security products. It also sells other brands such as TVT, Raysharp, Hi-view, Fires, Yourplus.
    Our company has a product showroom that displays each series of products, each solution is different, and has also opened training courses for our distributors to have a better understanding of our products in order to maximize the benefit of those who use the product, whether it is an installer or an interested dealer
      We focus and pay attention to after-sales service based on the principle that "Customers always come first", no matter what, we insist on providing full service.
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